Updating Your Business Image: the Basics

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Updating Your Business Image: the Basics

When was the last time your business image got an image update? 5 years ago? 10 years? 15?

Keeping your identity fresh is part of building a strong brand. Not only will an updated look re-spark your sales, but it will also inspire appreciation from existing customers who are glad to see that your company is keeping up with them.

This week on the blog, we’ll explore all the ways you can update your company’s image.

Let’s start with the basics: business card, stationery, website.

Check your business card stash. Is your box running low? Now’s the perfect time to think about an overhaul on your #1 networking tool. A well-designed, clean, eye-catching business card will inspire more callbacks from any networking event you attend. If you’ve got the same old Plain-Jane white stock with black lettering, and no logo to speak of (or an old, outdated logo), it’s time for a change! Think about a two-sided card, maybe full color, maybe rounded corners, or metallic, or glossy… the options are endless. Your business card is a big part of your first impression. Put your best foot forward!

Now, look at your letterhead (or lack thereof). Your letterhead and business card should work as a set. In your colors, with your logo, placing all contact information in a clear, easy-to-read arrangement. Similarly, your mailing envelopes should make a strong brand impression. Remember, when you’re mailing a thank-you letter, an invoice, or a proposal, the envelope is the first thing your client sees before they open your letter! Make the envelope a marketing piece in itself. Use a bold color or an element from your logo. Those old stick-on mailing labels are out! It’s all about the custom look.

I’ve saved the best for last: your website. It’s common practice now to give your website an overhaul every 1-2 years. How long has yours been sitting with the same look and information? If it’s been dormant for more than 2 years, it’s time to consider an update. Your customers will appreciate fresh content and new information. And I strongly encourage you to start blogging – it’s a great way to keep adding new information to your site while keeping your clients informed about what’s going on in your industry. If you’re the kind of person who’d like total control over their site, so you can edit and update things over time, consider getting a WordPress site – it’s like a full website and blog rolled into one! You can find out more information about web design and WordPress services here.

It’s always important to stay current. With a few changes, your business can get an image makeover that will increase brand awareness and maximize your impression on potential clients.

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