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Redwood is a creative agency specializing in small business web design and branding that helps companies have a strong, well-defined online presence. Working in the Wake Forest & Raleigh area since 1999, we have helped hundreds of businesses get a better web design & grow their business.

What Makes Our Agency Different?

With so many “design experts” around, you may be wondering what to look for when choosing a creative agency. What sets us apart is what is happening “Under the hood”…. the things you can’t see but are essential to a fully functional website. Simply stated, we know how to create designs the right way! We design sites that look great on a mobile device with proper coding, latest technology and basic SEO on every site.

We are different because WE UNDERSTAND the frustration of small business owners who have enough on their plate and could be spending more time running their business rather than trying to learn web design. With over 20 years of experience and continual education, we are able to create affordable website designs, logo designs, and overall brand strategies with full transparency about what’s happening “under the hood.” We are proud to develop great designs that attract new clients giving our customers the leads and results they love.

What We Do

Custom web design & development for small businesses – We exclusively use WordPress to create websites with a focus on creating a great user experience (UI/UX). Our expertise in modern website design and SEO is the perfect blend to attract customers and significantly boost your page rank to generate more leads.

Our websites are custom built & optimized so the pages load extremely fast. More importantly, we build strong responsive web designs that are completely mobile friendly and look great on all devices. With our expert page builder status with Elementor, you’ll find our designs to look good and function properly.

More than 60% of online searches come from mobile devices. WordPress is one of the best ways to build a responsive website design for viewing websites on mobile devices. Web designers who create responsive sites use special code to make sure the pages adapt to different screen sizes. We always create responsive website designs for our clients with fast-loading pages and engaging animation.

Unfortunately, if you choose a web design company who does not use good responsive web design, website optimization, and proper UI/UX practices, it quickly leads to customer frustration and loss of sales. Furthermore, web designers with poor coding and poor SEO skills can actually hurt your website rankings. 

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Redwood originally started out as a graphic design company. Creativity is not only a passion but is the basis for creating great collateral that attracts customers. As the demand for internet marketing and web design has increased, we use our core skills to create marketing pieces through print that look amazing and supplement the great website design experience online.

Most of our clients have us handle all of their collateral including logo design, style guides, business cards, stationery, brochures and more. This gives your organization a unified look through every brand touch-point.

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