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Are you afraid your company might not have the right brand strategy? Without a good strategy, you may be missing out on new customers. Imagine how much revenue is lost from customers not having the right customer experience with your brand. Our passion is developing brand strategies to define the messaging gap between customers and their business. 

Redwood is a Wake Forest & Raleigh creative agency specializing in custom web design and development for corporations and small business. We exclusively use WordPress to create custom websites with a focus on creating a great user experience (UI/UX). Our expertise in modern website design and SEO is the perfect blend to attract customers and significantly boost your page rank to generate more leads.

Redwood is also a professional brand strategy and graphic design agency. We create beautiful conversion-focused collateral and marketing plans for businesses. We have been working with Raleigh NC area businesses since 1999.

Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to using digital tools on the web like PPC (Pay Per Click) and Google Ads (paid ads) to reach customers when they are specifically searching for a product. By using Google Display Network, your ad can show up on other approved websites to introduce your product for the first time. Additionally, you can re-engage with customers who previously viewed your site. 

We view digital marketing as a life cycle concept meaning it is not a “one-time” event.  We work with our clients to develop sales funnels that not only attract cold prospects but also engage current customers to buy more products and services. Many clients use this form of marketing for awareness campaigns with the goal of long-term brand awareness.

We encourage the use of Google Ads to ensure your site is shown in search results when someone searches for your keywords. It’s also an easy way to get your site to the top of Google. Paid advertising uses geo-targeting and customer interests to find and reach the right customer for your businesses.​

Our websites are custom built & optimized so the pages load extremely fast. More importantly, we build strong responsive web designs that are completely mobile friendly.​

We use WordPress exclusively for all of our website design and development. WordPress offers a modern website experience with all the new features and functionality businesses rely on.

The internet is very competitive, and simple websites are no longer enough to fully engage with customers and be successful. For example, when you create a website design that includes a business blog, with comments enabled, it encourages two-way conversations. Additionally, it’s important to build strong customer relationships through social media and content marketing.

More than 60% of online searches come from mobile devices. WordPress is one of the best ways to build a responsive website design for viewing websites on mobile devices. Web designers who create responsive sites use code to make sure the pages adaptive to different screen sizes and look great on any device. We always create a responsive website design for our clients with fast-loading pages and engaging animation.

Unfortunately, if you choose a web design company who does not use good responsive web design, website optimization and proper UI/UX practices, it quickly leads to customer frustration and loss of sales. Furthermore, web designers with poor coding and poor SEO skills can actually hurt your website rankings. 

Redwood originally started out as a graphic design company. Creativity is not only a passion but is the basis for creating great collateral that attracts customers. As the demand for internet marketing and web design has increased, we continue to use our core skills to create marketing pieces through print that look amazing and supplement the great website design experience online.

Whether our client relationships have started with web design, graphic design or digital marketing, most of our clients also have us handle their collateral including logo design, style guides, business cards, brochures and more. This gives your sales process a unified look from digital to print.

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