Bring Your Business To The Beach!

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Bring Your Business To The Beach!

It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, which to me always feels like the official start of summer! So how can your business take advantage of the season? Bring Your Business To The Beach!

Think beach!

There are TONS of promotional product possibilities when it comes to the summer season – you can target any market! Sports, leisure, family, travel – there’s a perfect item for your company in there somewhere.

Your clients are about to go on vacation. Their kids are getting out of school. They’re rolling into the 4th quarter of the fiscal year. It’s a perfect time to say “thank you for your business” with summer-themed gifts they can use. These marketing products also make fantastic employee incentives or rewards.

Think of products that you might use for outdoor activities. You want to get your brand out into the world, so choose products that can be used frequently (rather than silly novelty items that stay in people’s desk drawers).

And don’t just go traditional – beach balls, coolers, frisbees – think outside the sandbox. Wayfarer-style sunglasses are back in fashion – order brightly-colored pairs with your company logo on the side. Everybody wears sunglasses in summer, and if they’re wearing yours it means your company is getting noticed. Other attention-getting items could be drink coozies, flip-flops, tote bags, hats, picnic baskets – anything that’s used for “fun in the sun.” Sport and water bottles are always popular.

Don’t be afraid to go big, either. Beach towels, folding chairs, golf umbrellas – find items your clients will use when they’re outdoors. They get a useful item for free, and you get a billboard! It’s a win-win.

So thank your clients for their business, reward your new assistant all that hard work, and acknowledge your sales team’s excellence. Promotional products are affordable and brandable – it’s another facet to your growing marketing strategy.

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