Jennifer Ray

North Carolina Entrepreneur Using Her Businesses to Help Others Succeed

Jennifer Ray is a Wake Forest, North Carolina businesswoman utilizing the growth of her town to fuel the success of her business.  As one of the community’s leading female entrepreneurs, Ray has successfully launched two businesses in Wake Forest and is using them both as a resource to  help other companies grow. After moving to …

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Check Out Our Podcast With The Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce

We are featured on Episode 13: 

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Best Blog Platforms

The Best Blogging Platforms for Small Companies

Blogging is an extremely effective way to keep your audience engaged and demonstrate your expertise within your niche. In fact, blogging is now possibly the biggest part of content marketing for any company. While large companies have complex websites with internal integrated blogging sections, small businesses rely on online tools and platforms dedicated to bloggers. …

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Write Awesome Blogs

You Too Can Write Awesome Blogs In No Time

We have been in your shoes with regards to trying to write awesome blogs and we get it.  When it comes to blogging for your business it all seems so easy.  You just sit in front of the computer and type away.  You’re the expert and you have incredible information to share.  The problem is …

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5 Ways Use Content

5 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Supplying your website, blog and social media accounts with fresh and engaging content is important.  Content grows your business and keeps customers engaged.  However, some of our clients find themselves in a dilemma.  They can’t spend the greatest part of their day brainstorming, researching and creating content. Doing so obviously leaves little time for managing …

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Business Content Marketing

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Business

Content marketing is a powerful tool to promote your brand and products. It is the most cost-efficient way of reaching out to a large audience and attracting the right customers to your website. Content marketing is one of the main elements used to form a complete digital marketing campaign. Effective content marketing offers a variety of …

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