Tracking Your Digital Marketing Results

Quick and Easy Guide for Tracking Your Digital Marketing Results

Marketing has been the heart and soul of any business enterprise along the ages and we are currently living in the age of digital marketing. While decades ago most ads and commercials were shared on the radio, TV and in newspapers, the internet is the new public forum where companies are looking for new customers. …

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Understanding the Meaning of Hot Warm and Cold Customer Acquisition

Understanding the Meaning of Hot, Warm and Cold Customer Acquisition

Looking at the title above, you may wonder whether we mistook the topic with how you like to drink your tea. However, hot, warm and cold are valid terms used by marketers to define various categories of prospect. A prospect is any person your company wants to attract to become its customer. This is a …

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What is Retargeting and Why Does It Matter

What Is Retargeting and Why Does It Matter?

It is the same story: your website traffic numbers look good, but sales are lagging behind. This is the online version of window shopping: people look at your products, but leave your online store without buying anything. Rest assured, you are not doing anything wrong with your website design or product presentations, it is just …

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How To Acquire More Customers Through Digital Marketing

How to Get More Customers through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a wide concept encompassing numerous techniques with the final purpose to get more customers to your business. Without digital marketing, no business can survive in the current economy. After all, marketing is all about reaching people in the environment where they spend the greatest part of their time. Your potential customers spend most …

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Step to Building an Effective Digital Sales Funnel

Steps to Building an Effective Digital Sales Funnel

In the current economic conditions, it is more difficult than ever for companies to attract and keep customers. Every day, new companies are founded while others fail. At the same time, customers are more educated and exigent, and they have a wide range of options and choices for any product and service. What Is a …

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Key Elements of a Successful Google AdWords Ad

One of the most effective digital marketing tools is the Google AdWords ad. This is an ad which appears on various websites, in a specific format set by Google. The rate of success for this kind of ad depends on the strict compliance with this format and being able to convey your most persuasive message …

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