Current Clients

Care for Current Clients

When you’re out there using all the great tips you’ve read on this blog, remember that getting new customers shouldn’t always be your biggest priority. If you take care of the customers you have, your business could expand without having to invest in chasing new leads. Here are 3 top ways to boost sales from …

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Hosting Company

Choosing a Web Hosting Company

4 Things Small Businesses Need to Consider One of the first tasks you’ll face when creating a website for your business is choosing a hosting service. Web hosting uses quite a bit of complicated terminology, which can make the process seem daunting to the non-tech savvy folks out there. Thankfully, there are only four significant …

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Drip Marketing

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Drip Marketing

As a savvy business owner, you’re likely already using email newsletters to communicate with clients. However, relying on newsletters alone creates a problem: all of your clients are sent exactly the same emails regardless of their interests and history with your company. Drip marketing offers the perfect solution to this problem. This type of marketing focuses …

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Marketing evaluation

Brand & Marketing Evaluation

Marketing Evaluation & Brand Strategy Think about your company’s image. Do you have a great logo? Clear sales materials? An easy-to-use, attractive website and social media pages? Do all these elements work together to create a consistent brand? What are you doing for leads and marketing your business? For small businesses, quality branding is everything. Keeping a …

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Your Website

Your Website: Make it Work!

Is your website working for you? Many small businesses cut corners when it comes to their web presence. The cost is too high, you don’t know what to write, you have a niece who can make you a Facebook page, you don’t think a website is that necessary… Let me tell you: in today’s market, …

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Responsive Websites

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm: Google’s search algorithms change more rapidly than many people outside the SEO world understand – nearly 600 unannounced updates were made in 2014 alone. So when Google announced their newest algorithm change in advance about mobile ready websites, it turned heads throughout the entire web design industry. Google made this statement …

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