Updating Your Image: the Extras

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Updating Your Image: the Extras

Now that you’ve updated your basic identity, it’s time to expand the image overhaul to other business-building pieces.

Think about your company’s needs. Do you have a sales team that needs materials to leave behind with potential clients? Are you all about customer appreciation, and often give thank-you gifts? How do you reach the majority of your customer base – email inbox or physical mailbox?

Follow The Same Guidelines To Update Your Image

All your “extra” identity pieces should follow the same guidelines as your “basic” pieces – everything should fit together into a unified set of materials that give a good visual representation of your brand.

Take your sales materials – if all you’re leaving behind is a flyer you designed in MS Word and printed out at the office, you have to wonder if you’re making the best impression. Consider overhauling your “leave-behind” – say, a folder with tiered flyers and a business card slot, all designed with your logo and brand colors in mind, presenting the information about your product/service in a stylish and professional way. Or if you want to keep it simple, stick with a single flyer – but make it full-color, eye-catching, and well-written.

What about your in-store or in-office pieces? Do you need a “quick facts” sheet to refer to during meetings? Or perhaps a rack card by the register that encourages customers to return in the future (“present this card with your next purchase to receive 15% off!”)? Look at the signs around your place of business – do they reflect your brand? Again – and I can’t stress this enough – everything needs to match your whole brand identity.

When you contact potential customers, what do you use for marketing? A professionally designed direct mail piece (like a postcard) is a great way to reach customers – it’s like a quick sales pitch in their hands. Doorhangers are another great option if you’re trying to reach customers right on their doorstep. Email marketing and newsletters are another great opportunities to expand your brand’s new image. Make sure your logo and contact information are on everything you send out!

We know that not every business is able to make all these changes right away – so go one at a time! Start with your basics (business card, stationery, website) and pay attention to people’s reactions to your company’s new look. Then pick an extra piece (maybe a redesign of your sales sheet?) and track the results – did you see increased customer interest and a return on investment? An image overhaul doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Take it one step at a time – you can get design services a la carte to fit your budget and schedule.

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