Go Mobile With A Mobile Website App

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Go Mobile With A Mobile Website App

Almost everywhere you go you can see people using some sort of cell phone or mobile device. According to Google’s estimations, people using mobile devices will outnumber PC users for accessing the internet by the end of the year. What does this mean for your business? It means that if you are depending on a traditional website you might be missing out on a powerful marketing tool.

A mobile website is a “slimmed down” version of your main website. Mobile websites eliminate common problems users experience when trying to access a traditional site on a mobile device. These smaller websites offer less space and sometimes slower internet connections. Despite these issues, mobile device users expect their experience accessing the internet to be equally as good as their desktop experience.

When it comes to mobile websites; simplicity is the key. Let’s face it, even the best traditional sites scaled down to the size of a smartphone screen become jumbled and confusing. For these reasons, it is important that visitors can easily access the most important information quickly.

When considering a mobile website keep the following in mind:

  • Prioritize content- Make sure that the most important information is easy to locate. Get rid of “filler” text and get down to the bare bones emphasizing the most important benefits of your business. Eliminate zoom or pinch to read content that will frustrate readers.
  • Simplify navigation- Narrow down menu options. Chances are you will only need to offer a portion of options from your traditional site. Three to five menu selections displayed in a vertical format using “thumb friendly” buttons” will decrease scrolling and improve user interaction.
  • Less is More- PC and laptop users expect to see colorful and engaging images when visiting a website however excessive image use on mobile sites slows loading speeds and leaves little room for valuable content. Remember your mobile site should provide visitors with the most essential information only.

Complement your current traditional website and build a stronger connection with your customers while getting a jump on your competitors with a well-designed mobile website. Contact us today!

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