My WordPress Site Is Broken! Help!

Last updated on March 21, 2019

My WordPress Site Is Broken! Help!

We’ve been receiving a lot of calls lately about fixing WordPress sites that are broken. The client may have tried to do the site themselves, had a friend do it or hired an inexperienced company to do it very cheap. Now the WordPress site is broken and they don’t know how to fix it. Here’s an easy solution… Call us (919) 570-5050.

We can fix most WordPress sites.

We can make minor changes to colors, layout and delete those phantom boxes or shadows you wish weren’t there. We can also go a step further and install extra things to your site for security, functionality or SEO.

As far as WordPress website security…

We can make sure your WordPress site has a scheduled back up in case of a data loss, customer error or plug-in error. We can install malware programs to ensure your site isn’t hacked by web bots. We can also install things that will make your life much easier like: programs to reduce file size/optimize uploaded files and make the admin area easy to use.

If you need extra functionality, we can install and customize any extra plug-ins you may need. We can install new photo galleries, social media buttons, share buttons, install SEO applications, check for broken links, create new custom contact forms and more.

So, don’t worry if your site is broken. We can fix it!  Contact us today with your “to do” list and we’ll fix your WordPress site right away.

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Jennifer Ray
Jennifer Ray is the creative director and founder of Redwood. She is an expert at custom web design, WordPress development, digital marketing, UX design, local SEO, branding & graphic design. With 20 years of experience, Jennifer brings an unmatched level of expertise to her clients in the Raleigh & Wake Forest area.

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