Website Content Writing – Get Ranked Higher

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Website Content Writing – Get Ranked Higher

With the New Year well under way, many businesses are taking a look at their internet marketing strategies.  One question that often arises this time of year is “how can I boost my websites rank and performance?”  If your website is not in the top search engine rankings, then you probably have reason to be concerned.  Let’s face it; higher rankings equal a higher number of visitors.  A higher number of visitors equal a higher number of sales.   There are several right answers to this question however one of the easiest and least expensive fixes is merely adding more content writing to your website.

Your content writing should include

  • Fresh content allows expanded use of keywords.  Search engines use content with keywords to rank websites. Quite simply, the more searched keywords a website contains, the higher it will rank. Content writers use keyword tools that identify those “hot” keywords and then strategically place them throughout your website.
  • Your website provides visitors with an introduction to your style and voice and engages your users.  You become the authority in the subject matter by providing information that is a valuable and factual resource to visitors.
  • Regularly updated content increases customer engagement and keeps your visitors returning to your site.
  • Search engines use sophisticated systems to rank sites favoring those that provide fresh, original, and relevant content.   Search engines know when your website was last updated and tend to opt for the more recent information.
  • Resource pages with original content are favored by Google and therefore rank higher in searches.

Your business changes and evolves as you grow and so should your website.  Content should be fresh and user-friendly for the best performance.

Not a writer? We provide complete site solutions including:

  • Site planning
  • Web design
  • Information architecture
  • Web hosting
  • Original website content writing
  • Blog writing

Contact Redwood today and transform your website into a web-based marketing machine.

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