Building Customer Loyalty

Last updated on April 14, 2020

Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty takes time to achieve and is worth paying attention to. Experts have found through extensive research that it is 5 times more profitable to spend advertising and marketing dollars to keep current customers than it is to attract new ones. Customers and people in general are many times persuaded to buy a product or take action in a certain direction, based upon good feelings about the company-not the quality of the product or even the price. That is why it is so important to build a solid foundation of good experiences by following up after a sale, and possibly even exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Let’s explore one way to do this:

Personalized confirmation e-mails are one way to convey to the customer that your company cares. After an order is placed, a message can be sent confirming the order, with assurances that the client made the right choice. It can also mention that every effort will be made to be prompt, that the customer is very important to the company and that they are a priority.

This e-mail can also be used to extend extra service or provide extra products, if needed, and says to the customer that you are willing to go that extra mile, even after the sale. That is good marketing and will go a long way to achieving repeat customers and great customer loyalty.

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