Marketing Your Business: Educate, Don’t Sell!

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Marketing Your Business: Educate, Don’t Sell!

When marketing your business, no one likes to feel that they’re on the receiving end of a sales pitch. Sometimes you might scare off potential clients if your message is too aggressive, but there’s a way to fix this!

Educate your client, don’t sell to them.

Clients who are shopping for a product/service need to know about that product/service and why it would benefit them. Provide materials that educate the client about what you offer, rather than information trying to convince them why you’re better than your competitors.

Why educate, instead of sell? Clients trust companies who provide them with information. If a prospective client feels you have given them all the tools to make an informed decision, they are more likely to choose you (the educator) to provide them with the product/service – turning them from a prospect into a new client!

Providing the right information can be tricky – what exactly should you say in your materials?

Here are the four categories you should focus on when telling clients about what your business provides:

1. How You Work

Describe the process or service you provide. Easy-to-follow flowcharts are great for this! Address some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your industry. Give a short statement about problems that your target market faces, and how you can address those problems.

2. Results You Achieve

Give specific examples of other clients you’ve helped in the past. Describe their problem/need, what you did to solve/satisfy it, and what the results were. Testimonials from satisfied clients are perfect for this (just make sure they thoroughly tell a story!).

3. Who You Know

Provide a list of your past clients, so a prospective client can see that you are trusted by others.

4. What You Know

Clear descriptions of your process/product/service show the client that you know what you’re talking about! If you’ve written any articles about your industry that were published in, say, a trade journal, provide those to the client. Demonstrate that you are educated in your field by clearly answering any questions the client has about your business.

When your message is clear and your information is reliable, clients are more confident that your company is the right choice for them. The next time you’re writing up a paragraph for the new sales brochure, stop and think: Am I just selling, or am I educating?

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