The Most Important “Must-Have” Marketing Piece

Your business Card… it’s your must have marketing piece.

It’s the single most important marketing piece you have.  With that being said… it has to be perfect.  Whatever you do, don’t print them yourself on your inkjet printer!!!  Also, don’t go online and use a pre-made template because it’s very obvious you did this.  It needs to be professional and match the “look and feel” of your business.  It should say what you do either by listing your services or having a descriptive tagline.  Be sure to include your logo, name/title, address, phone/fax, website and email.

Don’t be afraid of white space.  It’s okay to leave some areas blank on the card.  It gives a path for your eye to follow.  The rule of thumb is to try to leave 1/4 – 1/2 of the card blank without writing.  Your eye can’t process a jumbled mess so keep it clean and inviting.

Get Attention

A lot of people forget to use the back side of the card.  This is valuable space for you to advertise your product or service.  If you’ve gone through the effort of getting your business card in a prospect’s hand, why only give 1/2 of what you could have given?  Most clients will save your business card but may throw away your other marketing materials.  So use your entire card and be confident that you have a taken the correct steps to provide a truly professional business card.

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