Using Social Media Wisely

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Using Social Media Wisely

You’ve opened your Facebook account, made a page, started tweeting, comment on blogs and have all your sites linked together – but are you using these tools the right way? Don’t just send information out into the ether – convert those customer interactions into sales! Learn how to use social media wisely.

Tips On Using Social Media

Engage with your customers

  • If someone like your business Facebook page, create a post that thanks them! (You can do this by typing @Their Name – that will tag them in the post; or post on their wall)
  • Reply to every post that someone puts on your wall/every tweet directed at you/every blog comment
  • Comment on the blogs and sites you/your company follow

Ask for their business

  • Make sure you have a good rapport with your followers
  • When you feel ready, use a call to action to encourage them to buy!

Manage your time

  • It’s easy to be distracted by new social networking opportunities (seems like a new one comes out every day!), but don’t start new accounts just because they’re there
  • Focus on the outlets you have and how best to use them in concert
  • If a new opportunity grabs your attention, bookmark it and revisit it later to see how it might work into your strategy

Use clear messaging

  • Don’t post just to post – share information that is meaningful and fits with your company brand
  • Product updates, customer statistics, positive reviews and employee success stories are all good choices
  • By linking all your accounts together, you’ll have consistent messages across the board

Social media is a great marketing tool, but “with great power comes great responsibility.” Unless you’re getting the best out of these networks, it’s just a lot of meaningless typing. So the next time you update your Facebook page, think about what you’re sharing. Is it relevant to your industry? Can your customers use this information to improve their experience? What does it say about your company?

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