How Google Thinks About SEO

Last updated on March 25, 2019

How Google Thinks About SEO

Google just put out an article today about how it thinks about SEO (Search Engine Marketing). Google wants to make sure to focus on search since that is the core of their business model.

You can always pay for website traffic. But that costs money. Alternatively, you can beef up your SEO. This will help your bottom line and boost your organic rankings.

Google states that it owes over 7,000 websites which are managed by hundreds of different marketing teams all around the world. These teams are making hundreds of changes each day. All of these changes can affect their search engine rankings. But there is good news. The sites that Google owns are treated the exact same way as other sites. The teams have to follow the same webmaster guidelines.

Google is offering a simple website SEO strategy that anyone can implement. What’s good for Google is good for ALL!

Start Small To Get Big SEO Results

Try implementing some of web fundamentals best practices. Google thinks the main focus should be creating a good “delightful” web experience.

  • A Fast Website – Your website should respond quickly and smoothly
  • An Integrated Experience – It should work with the capabilities of each device used
  • Up Time Is Critical – Your site should load instantly and never show errors
  • Good UX Experience – Your website should look beautiful and feel natural

Embrace Change

Life keeps changing so, change with it. It’s important to stay current and make changes as your customer’s behavior changes. The latest studies show that over 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

  • Check your Google Search Console for errors and fix them.
  • Implement structured data on your website

By fixing your errors, you may find that your featured snippets show more often!


You may want to create several websites, each with similar content. This way you can target different geographic locations and customer profiles.

But the fact is, duplicate content is confusing for the end user as well as search engines. Creating one large site is better than creating multiple micro-sites.

In Concusion

It’s hard to implement perfect SEO on a website. It’s best to start with these three areas and work from there. This way you can drive powerful results and happy customers.

Source: Think With Google

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