5 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Last updated on March 21, 2019

5 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Supplying your website, blog and social media accounts with fresh and engaging content is important.  Content grows your business and keeps customers engaged.  However, some of our clients find themselves in a dilemma.  They can’t spend the greatest part of their day brainstorming, researching and creating content. Doing so obviously leaves little time for managing the business.  

There is a solution to this problem.  Many writers use a strategy called “Repurposed Content”.   Repurposed content is simply using existing content you have created and giving it another form making it appear as original content.  This is a fantastic way to enhance your content marketing strategy without running yourself into the ground thinking of ideas.  Here’s how you do it.

Turn Blog Series into a Guide

If you have blog series centered around a certain topic or idea, consider turning it into a comprehensive guide. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to simply copy and paste from the blog posts as this creates duplicate content (which can negatively impact SEO scores and reader perception).

Instead, “Dress” the ideas in new words, structure the content in chapters and create something really substantial for your prospects.  Guides are awesome assets and can be used as premium gated content. Gated content simply means an asset (guide in this case) that requires an email address be provided before you share the material.  The more valuable the asset, the more likely someone is to give you their information.  We’ll cover this more in a future blog for sure.

Create a Video Tutorial

Turn your written information into a video. A video not only explains but can show how things are done step by step. Video tutorials are extremely popular on YouTube. In fact, this platform has become a search engine in its own right for video content. This means that your videos will not compete with your written content for ranking, but work alongside to reach new audiences and increase awareness of your company.

Videos can be easily made with your own smartphone and then edited with free apps, or even with the YouTube Video Director feature. As your business grows, you can take things to the next level and hire a professional videographer to produce specific YouTube tutorials.

Explain Big Data with Infographics

Use infographics if your content contains large numbers.  Most people have difficulty putting large numbers into perspective and therefore may not have the reaction you expected.  Small and large businesses alike use infographics in order to give their customers a simple and attractive way of grasping the information they want to share.

Use Your Readers’ Comments to Initiate a Live Podcast

Change written Q&A articles into a live podcast session where your readers can interact with you. Podcasts are not hard to set up.  They can be published on various platforms and RSS feeds, bringing you additional followers and traffic to your website.

Create SlideShare Presentations

Similar to PowerPoint presentations, SlideShare slides are very useful for sharing ideas in a clear and concise manner. Ever since SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn, there is an even larger potential audience you could reach with your repurposed content. Slides can be enhanced with graphics, pie charts and any other visual elements which help your readers understand your points and create a unique branded image for your company’s content.

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