20 Reasons To Get A WordPress Website

Last updated on March 21, 2019

20 Reasons To Get A WordPress Website

Recently I was asked what makes a wordpress site better than a traditional html site.  While I could probably go on forever, I decided to limit it to my top 20 reasons to have us design your site as a WordPress content management system site.

WordPress Site Benefits

  1. Saves You Money: You now have complete control over you site and you no longer have to wait for your designer to make updates. Updating, adding pages and having complete control will definitely save you time and money.
  2. Make Changes Anytime Anywhere Quickly: Now you can make changes or add content from any computer browser with access to the internet – no need for additional expensive web design software or adjusting firewall settings. Your updates will be published when you want them published. This gives your audience the most up to date information available.
  3. Consistency: Adding pages is easy and keeps it in a template format making your site look unified and professional.
  4. Drip Content: Add posts or pages and then schedule those posts to publish at the time and day you desire. You could write a series of articles and have them publish the same day each week for an entire year if you have enough content.
  5. Social Networking Integration – Automatically have your articles post to social media avenues like Facebook & Linked in. You will not have to log-in separately to copy and past your articles anymore.
  6. Easy To Add Photos, Audio & Videos – Easily add photos, audio and video to your posts and pages.
  7. Awesome At SEO – The way a WordPress site is constructed is clean, consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code that Google hates. Updating your site often may get your pages ranked higher.
  8. Search Engine Placement – Each time you make a change or add a blog/news post, a ping or notification is sent to the Google robots and other search engines. The robots will then search your entire site looking for new content and new pages and changes they can update in their database resulting in more to content to display. New pages get indexed in hours or sooner.
  9. Infinite Growth – You can now add as many pages as you would like! You can add a million pages or even more! You can also add new functionality easily as you grow.
  10. Really, Really, Really Easy – Learning how to make changes and add content can be taught in about 15 minutes. It’s that easy!
  11. Better Archive For Articles – When you publish your articles, WordPress automatically files it in an archiving system that is wonderful. You can also sort your articles by topic to find old articles easily.
  12. Automated Feed – Blog posts can be automatically converted to RSS feeds and sent to blog directories or other websites.
  13. One-Step Posting – We set up your site so you have to write a blog article once and it automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter.  No longer do you have to log into multiple accounts.
  14. Increased Functionality – Thousands of pre-written programs called plugins can increase the functionality of your WordPress site. Since it’s the most used platform, most designers are writing their code and building these programs for WordPress all the time. This means every day the number of plugins increase giving new funcationlity to your site all the time.
  15. Multi-User – WordPress offers log-ins for different users. You can assign different privileges to these users to give them access to certain areas of your site when making changes.
  16. Free Upgrades – Upgrades to WordPress blog software is free.
  17. Universal Platform – You will never have to start from scratch since it’s such a popular application. Changing out any future design and layout of your site is far less complicated with WordPress. Most designers can easily jump in and make complicated changes easily without having to figure out what the original designer did.
  18. Safety & Backup – Malware programs and back up programs can be installed to make sure your WordPress site is safe and secure.
  19. Auto Saved Work – Your writing and work is automatically saved as you type even if you haven’t published your blog posts.
  20. Future Design Changes Are Easy – Since your site is designed with a theme (we use child themes to make it even better) it’s super easy to change and get a fresh look. This means, a new design will cost less money in the future.

There are so many reasons to have your site designed in WordPress.  Wordpress is the most widely used content management system in the world.

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