Your Website: Make it Work!

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Your Website: Make it Work!

Is your website working for you?

Many small businesses cut corners when it comes to their web presence. The cost is too high, you don’t know what to write, you have a niece who can make you a Facebook page, you don’t think a website is that necessary…

Let me tell you: in today’s market, WEBSITES ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. And a professional-looking website is the way to go, which means you need a professional web designer. Why? Web designers have the expertise to turn your minor web presence into a site that sells for you!

Take a look at your website. Does it have all of the following qualities?

  • A clear homepage with well-organized, easy-to-read information (animated Flash intros are a thing of the past, guys!)
  • Relates to your industry (if you’re an auto mechanic, images of cars work better than images of shopping bags, children, etc.)
  • Addresses your customers’ needs: what their problem is & what they’re looking for
  • Brand consistency (same logo, colors, fonts, etc. that you use elsewhere for your company’s identity)
  • Responsive to scale with all devices (mobile ready)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): your site is programmed to include keywords that boost your search rating (if someone types in “NC auto mechanic” to Google, your site would be one of the first 5 to appear on the list)

If you hit all those points, congratulations! Your website is rockin’!

If you only hit some, maybe it’s time to update.

If you didn’t find most of the qualities or don’t even have a website, help is available! In my opinion, most design firms overcharge for web services, but Redwood can give you the full package for a low price! Click here to find out more about our web design services.

These days, when customers are looking for a particular service, they go to the internet before any other resource. If your company falls behind when it comes to web savvy, it’s time to re-tackle the 21st century! A modern, clean, visible website is sure to bring in more business than an outdated, hard-to-navigate page.

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Jennifer Ray is the creative director and founder of Redwood. She is an expert at custom web design, WordPress development, digital marketing, UX design, local SEO, branding & graphic design. With 20 years of experience, Jennifer brings an unmatched level of expertise to her clients in the Raleigh & Wake Forest area.

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