Our Logo Design Process

Last updated on April 14, 2020

Our Logo Design Process

Just how do we design your logo? Here’s a glimpse into the studio process of our Logo Design!

First, a client tells us a little about their company

  • Once we’ve got the name of the company, any ideas the client has, any color choices, size parameters, etc., we brainstorm some ideas:
  • Then we take those ideas and refine them into 10 final concepts for the client
  • The client chooses the logo they like (or, in some cases, their top 3). If any changes are necessary, we make them! And after some tweaking, our client gets their final logo in a variety of formats for almost any purpose:
  • The font is clean and easy-to-read at any size: AND it looks good in black too (quick note: your logo should ALWAYS translate well into black & white. Faxes, B&W copies, one-color printing or embroidery on promotional items – if your logo doesn’t look right without full color, you can’t use it everywhere! And your logo should be used everywhere):
  • Take a look at your logo, and think about what makes it work. Can it be scaled down to a really small size and still be readable? Does it look good when printed with only one color? Does it stand out? Is there a design element to set it apart? If your logo is missing any of those things, it might be time for a re-design!

Check out some of our logos designs.

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