Let’s Talk About Your Logo

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Let’s Talk About Your Logo

We’ve talked a lot about branding, on this blog, but I’d like to get into something more specific: logo design.

Is your logo sending the right message? It’s the most memorable part of your company’s image – it’s on your business cards, your letterhead, your signage; it’s embroidered on your polo shirt and computer bag; it’s printed on your cups or napkins… it’s everywhere!

BUT: does it work for your business?

Customers should be able to look at your logo and glean a few things about your business. Your logo should be focused on your industry, your target market, and your company’s place in the community. Let’s say you’re a daycare, and you want to portray your daycare as a place where children can overcome their obstacles. You wouldn’t have a logo that shows someone jumping over a fence – that could say to parents that you let children experience unsafe situations. But if your logo showed a growing tree, or figures holding hands, parents will see that you’re kid-friendly and gentle while encouraging growth.

Sometimes a logo evolves into the complete identity of your company.

Starbucks just rolled out a new version of their logo:

As you can see, they’ve completely dropped their name – pretty appropriate, since Starbucks can be found in almost every developed country worldwide. Because their logo has become synonymous with their name, they can lose the name altogether. Though the mermaid image doesn’t really say “coffee” at all, she’s been so heavily associated with the brand that it works.

Your company is probably not as ubiquitous as Starbucks, but the message is the same: keep it simple.

Having a really powerful brand identity begins with your logo. Take a look at yours and see if it fits these 5 criteria:

  1. Appropriate (hits on your target)
  2. Simple (describable in 20 words or less)
  3. Memorable (unique)
  4. Functional (looks good small or large, in color or black & white)
  5. Timeless (isn’t something “on trend” for right now, but will be stylish forever)

If your logo needs a makeover, check out Redwood’s logo design services – for a low price, you can turn your small business look into a stylish identity worthy of a national brand!

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