Incentivize That!

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Incentivize That!

Whether it’s a small milestone or a huge accomplishment, rewarding people who are involved with your business is a great way to boost employee morale and strengthen customer loyalty.

Incentives and rewards don’t have to be extravagant – small gifts show you appreciate this person’s efforts and have taken the time to recognize their value.

Some people that deserve your attention:

  1. Employee with the highest sales numbers/success rate/positive customer feedback
  2. Innovative employee who had a great idea for a new method or service
  3. Team that worked well together and pulled off a large project
  4. Trainee or apprentice who rose to a challenge and performed admirably
  5. Behind-the-scenes staff (think the “low on the totem pole” people who enable your business to run smoothly: mail clerk, part-time receptionist, cleaning crew, etc.)
  6. Your mentor, who enlightened and inspired you.
  7. Referral Sources who’ve sent you business.
  8. Community member who helped plan your company-sponsored charitable event or volunteered their time.
  9. Accountant/bookkeeper who found an easy way to save you money.

For employees

It’s always best to create an “award incentive” – maybe a modest trophy or plaque. People also appreciate useful items, like a nice desk clock or a coffee mug. Lifestyle items – like gym bags or beach towels – can also be used as awards.

For industry peers, mentors, and referral sources

Lifestyle items are great (if you can tailor the item to their interests: a tennis player gets a nice gym bag, a golfer gets a set of golf balls).

People in the community

They might like thoughtful items, like a food basket or a potted plant.

And remember – these small incentives are marketing tools too! Be sure your logo is on everything (even the golf balls, or the pot with the plant). That way, whenever this person proudly displays or uses your token of appreciation, they’ll be a vehicle for advertising your business.

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