5 Tips To Get Ranked By Google

Last updated on March 21, 2019

5 Tips To Get Ranked By Google

We’ve been asked many times about ranking higher on Google.  There are lots of ways you can fine tune but it all boils down to these 5 tips.

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  • Write for people, optimize for robots like Google
  • Forget about keyword density
  • Use keywords, synonyms, grammatical variations
  • Write long quality, in-depth content
  • Answer questions on your website

To sum it all up, writing is key.  Google can’t read your mind and know what you are wanting to sell with your company. A computer robot visits your site and ranks it by what it sees on the page.  In other words, it needs to be able to read the text written on your site.  If you use a photo, be sure to label the photo with Alt Tags what the photo is and how it relates to your page.

Don’t try to rank for all keywords on one single page. Separate our products or services on each page so each page can have its own set of keywords to get ranked individually. Interlink the pages so the user can flow between pages easily. The more links that are pointing to a particular page, tells Google which pages are most important.

If you would like to explore more options on basic SEO or advanced search engine optimization, please contact us.

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