Web-world vs Real-world Cross-promotion

Last updated on April 14, 2020

Web-world vs Real-world Cross-promotion

Recently I attended an evening charity function. Everyone was dressed in their glammed-out cocktail attire, and a photographer was making the rounds to document the elegant event. When he stopped by our table, he handed us a card after snapping our picture – it said “Want to see tonight’s pictures tomorrow? Visit [his website] to view and purchase prints!” Now THAT’S cross-promotion: taking a real-life experience and using it to drive traffic to your website and raise awareness of your business.

(I’m writing this assuming all you savvy business people out there have a website… if you don’t, get on the bus!)

If you’re strategizing for only your web market (Facebook page) or only your direct-mail market (postcard mailing), you’re missing out on a huge crossover audience! Your website should be on every piece of printed material you send out into the world. Business cards, letterhead, stationary, portfolio folder, postcards, newspaper ads… everything! And vice-versa: be sure your physical (or mailing) address is all over your web presence (website, Facebook page, twitter, etc).

Think about ways to promote special offers that will bring in physical business and web traffic.

Take a note from that photographer I saw – host a special event at your business (Art After Hours, anyone?), have someone take pictures, and let everyone in attendance know that they’ll be appearing on your business’ Facebook page (or website slideshow) the next day! **The key is to make sure you do, in fact, get it updated the next day!**

Or have an exclusive, web-only offer that requires people to come into your office to redeem. I get email coupons from a portrait studio – they’re great deals that I have to print and bring in, making me interact with their brand both virtually and physically. Use an email newsletter or a Facebook message to reach a lot of people with your advertising message. Include a line somewhere that specifies the offer can only be redeemed in-person if they print off the coupon or mention the web ad.

If you’re not seeing results from your web presence, chances are you’re not using the full potential of your site. Look for ways to drive traffic to your business and target specific audiences that are part of your target market. When you hit the “sweet spot” of perfect web-and-real-life cross promotion, you’ll see results: and not just in your hits counter.

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