Why Content Marketing Is Crucial for Your Small Business

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Why Content Marketing Is Crucial for Your Small Business

Content marketing has become one of the most effective ways in which companies can grow their brand value and attract more customers. It works so well because it offers true value to a prospect – not an ad or promotional material, but interesting, useful and actionable information.
At the same time, content marketing is cost effective making it ideal for your website as well as paid advertising and social media. But these are not the only benefits for your company.

Here are the top five reasons why content marketing is crucial for a successful business right now.

Establish Your Company as a Knowledgeable Expert

Content marketing is an excellent way to show you are professional, experienced and have the know-how needed to get things done. By using blog articles, tutorials, infographics and other types of content, you can answer your prospects’ questions, help them solve problems and show your in-depth knowledge of your industry.

Boost Your SEO Strategy

Google AdWords can prove expensive when competing for a series of keywords in paid advertising. But, you can publish your own articles using the keywords and rank without paying for an ad campaign.
By having articles written, you can use the same pieces of content to share on social media and other websites which can point back to your website. This helps website rank for the specific keywords of your choice. This is also the best way to track the popularity of an article since you check the results with Google Analytics.

Create a Community around Your Business

The customer is at the center of all marketing efforts and the key goal is to keep them satisfied and loyal. Offering valuable content to read, comment on, contribute to and share is the key to nurturing leads and converting them into customers.

Encourage Prospects to Act

The perfect piece of content not only educates and informs people, but also invites them to do something through a call to action. A call to action can be anything from a “Tweet this” button to a link to a sign-up form for subscribing to the newsletter and even to a product page for making a sale.
Studies have shown that people are very likely to follow through with a call to action if they feel that they gained valuable information from the article they’ve read.

Increase Your Brand Exposure

Sharing is one of the key benefits of publishing content. People are always ready to share interesting videos and articles on their social media accounts. Exposing friends to your brand image allows the sharing cycle to continue. This helps your content spread around and reach more potential customers than you could have reached through a traditional advertising campaign.

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