Color Matters

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Color Matters

Color has always been a really big deal.  It touches everything from what you wear to a meeting, or the color of your office and most of all, your marketing pieces.  Now that it is getting warmer outside, many of us tend to gravitate towards more colorful clothes.  It’s important to be aware of how these colors can impact business meetings, job interviews or even cold calling.  The most important thing to remember is to wear a color that makes you feel positive and good about yourself.  But keep in mind your audience and what they expect in their industry.  You can easily wear a standard blue or black suit but be sure to add a flare of your own style to it.  You can wear a splash of color in your tie, purse or add a favorite scarf to accent the basic core of your outfit.

As far as colors on your marketing pieces (logo, business cards, brochures & ads)… color is especially important when designing a logo.  You want to evoke the appropriate feelings from your customers.  It is important to have colors that work well together but also is appropriate for your line of work.

Here is a breakdown of color psychology:

Red is a very powerful color that symbolizes pride and strength.  It’s a hot color that has a powerful emotional value. Red is a good color to use for accents to get noticed over other colors.

Orange is a bright and warm color. It represents the sun, fun and the warmth of the Tropics. It is considered a fun light color and is accepted by young people. It is sometimes associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite.

Yellow is the brightest color to the human eye and represents youth, fun, happiness, and sunshine with its cheerful energetic appearance. Yellow is often used for children’s toys and clothes.

Green is the color of nature and health and indicates growth, nature, money, fertility, and safety. Green has a healing power to it and is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye.

Blue is a cool calming color that shows creativity and intelligence.  It is a color of loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust. Blue is a color that generally looks good in almost any shade and is generally liked by men.

Purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, and prestige and also symbolizes mystery, magic, power, and luxury. Light purple and pink is a feminine color and is a popular color among teenage girls. Bright purple show fun and is great for promoting children’s products.

Black is often a color used to portray something evil and dark but black is also a very powerful color that also portrays one of class elegance and wealth.  Black combined with other colors can create a powerful look.  Black is a color that can add contrast and make the other colors really “pop”.

White is often associated with being pure, clean, fresh, positive and good. White is a common background color since it is easy to read black or dark text on it. When lots of white space is used in a design it gives it a clean look.

Whatever color you choose, be sure the color suits your industry and makes you feel good.  This will make you feel confident and focused to work your best!

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