Care for Current Clients

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Care for Current Clients

When you’re out there using all the great tips you’ve read on this blog, remember that getting new customers shouldn’t always be your biggest priority. If you take care of the customers you have, your business could expand without having to invest in chasing new leads.

Here are 3 top ways to boost sales from your current clients:


  • Implement a rewards program for repeat customers (like the punch card at your local coffee shop, “10 punches gets a free cup o’ joe”).
  • Comp products or services when they make a big purchase. Did they order a printer? Throw in an ink cartridge! Did they book a full spa day? Send them home with some lotion samples!
  • Encourage people to refer their friends – perhaps offer a small savings when they send someone your way.

Stay in touch!

  • Keep it low-pressure, but customers need to be reminded you’re there. Send an email or even a handwritten note that says “we’d love to see you again!”
  • Don’t assume that your regulars are up-to-date on all the products & services you offer. Monthly messages (like a newsletter) make sure they’re kept current on what solutions your business can offer.

Time your pitches perfectly

  • When it comes to pushing a promotion, timing is everything. If you’re a retail business, an email blast with a special offer right before key shopping days (“Black Friday,” etc.) can generate big results.
  • Find a holiday that ties in well with your business. Run a Mother’s Day promo for your spa or salon; run a Father’s Day promo at your hardware store. Pick a day to be your “First Day of Summer” deal day, or tie in something with your industry (is there a “National Pet Grooming Day” or a “Worldwide Lawn Care Day”?).

Sometimes it takes a small monetary investment (promotional items make great low-cost customer incentives), but mostly this is about investing time. Put in an extra 30 minutes every week, focused on cultivating your existing relationships. Plan an appreciation event, or take a few minutes to write a quick note. You’ll be surprised at how much impact small things can have.

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