Business Web Design “Options”

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Business Web Design “Options”

It can be difficult for business owners and marketing managers – who just want the best possible business web design at the lowest price – to understand why quotes and bids from competing web design firms can cover such a large range from lowest to highest.

Some of these differences will undoubtedly have to do with the reputation of the web design firm, or their experience in your industry. To be sure you’re getting the most from your budget, however, you have to pay close attention to exactly what’s being offered.

Seven business web design “options” that can affect the price

1. Quality and originality. Obviously, you don’t want a site that looks just like someone else’s… and especially not a competitor’s. Having a layout that’s tailored just for your business costs more, but it’s worth it.

2. A content management system (CMS). This is another one that’s well worth the investment. That’s because a good CMS will help you keep track of visitors to your site, as well as make it a snap to expand or update in the future.

3. A search engine optimization and online marketing plan. What will you do with your business website once it has been launched? How will you attract new buyers to it? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

4. E-commerce functionality. This is a business website feature that can literally help pay for itself quickly. If you have the opportunity to sell products online, then don’t miss out on the chance.

5. Conversion-focused copywriting. Is it worth it to have a professional write your website? That depends: How much do you need the extra customers and sales that come with a strong marketing message?

6. Web hosting. You might not think it matters where your website is hosted, but you will the first time your site goes down and you see what sort of difference a few dollars a month makes.

7. Ongoing support. In the same way, there will come a time when you need your web design team to come back and help you out. Like roadside assistance for your car or truck, ongoing web support is invaluable when you need it. Redwood Productions is always available to answer questions about your website – give us a call today 919-570-5050.

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