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WordPress Website Design & Development

Project Details

We created this retirement planning website design for GAP Retirement using WordPress. They offer annuities and retirement planning firm serving the Raleigh & Wake Forest areas of NC. We used a page builder on this site to give the flexibility needed to create a different look on each page. The client required a website that was easy to navigate and guided their customer through each page. We used a call to action buttons (CTA) on the product pages to guide the customer. The website is responsive so it will scale appropriately to fit any size device and always look great. It also passes Google’s Mobile Friendly test showing it’s easy to use on mobile devices.

Local SEO

This site is full of local SEO schema markup which tells Google things about the website and the company. It shows it’s a local site, which pages are product pages and which pages are articles. These articles are now available for Google to showcase in their featured article area when searching.

In addition to creating the correct meta titles and descriptions to match the page content, we optimized photos as well. We started their Facebook page, Google+ page and optimized their Google Places page.

Reputation Management

Reviews were set up on this site to encourage people to use Google to leave the testimonial. Using Google is always the most way to push reviews since it has the best SEO impact and is highly visible to customers searching for their product/service.

Page Speed

This site received straight A’s from GT Mextrix with a fast page speed load time at the time of launch. It also earned a 98, a very high ranking from Google PageSpeed Insights. A quick loading website is essential to any web page design, so people don’t leave the site before it has time to load fully. This site is about a half a second slower than our other recent websites. This speed difference is because they have a video on their home screen that automatically starts playing and add extra load time.

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