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Law Firm Web Design

Project Details

We developed this website design for a law firm in the Heritage Subdivision in Wake Forest, NC using WordPress. We created this site with a powerful video in the background and bold sections. The colors give it a soft feel while providing an easy to follow UX design for navigation. The subtle animation throughout the site adds some fun interactivity and keeps the user’s attention.

Website Optimization

This site has custom page titles, descriptions and overall metadata to help search engines rank the site.

Customer Reviews

We set up a non-published page to encourage customer reviews through Google when they give a special link to their customers. If the person leaving the review doesn’t have a Google account, there is an option to leave the review on their website instead.

Page Speed

This electrician web design scores a 94% (A) and 87% (B) with GT Metrix with a fully loaded time of 5.3 seconds with 29 requests which is a very small number (92 is the average). The page loads fast but the movie adds a little extra on the end when fully loaded. The initial paint of the site is extremely fast.

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