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This responsive web design was created for Wake Forest Area Chamber Of Commerce, a local Wake Forest, NC chamber of commerce. They needed a great website to market their business online to attract new customers. This site was one of our more intense programmed sites. Our challenges included making local event updates easy and working with Chamber Masters, a service that takes payments and tracks activity for chambers across the country. First we created a very similar design to their original design since they didn’t want to change the design as much as fix some of the programming issues they were facing. We created their responsive site knowing that most of their members were visiting the site from their mobile device.

Next we created specialty pages for their events and programs. Previously, they were changing the event info on each page which was not doing much for the SEO value. We wanted to keep the previous event pages but always highlight the most recent event information.  Most of their events occur on a monthly basis and some on a yearly basis. We were able to do this and more. We created a new work flow making updates easy and more importantly a way for members and people in the community to find the event information quickly.

We also needed to re-organize the site since there were areas that were confusing since they host so many events as well as showcasing community events that they do not sponsor. We broke these out separately so it’s clear to the customer what the chamber sponsors and what it does not. We integrated a calendar and news feed showcasing their latest posts.

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