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Website Design

Website Design Project Details

This newly updated responsive web design was created for The Forks Cafeteria, a local Wake Forest, NC restaurant. They needed a great website to market their business online to attract new customers. The Forks Cafeteria is a North Raleigh favorite for casual family dining and is one of Wake Forest, NC established restaurants with a strong local following.  The Forks Cafeteria had two challenges they asked us to solve.  One, they required an easy and quick way to update their daily menu items and secondly, they wanted to utilize social media to reach a wider client base that showcases the southern down home cooking they do so well.

We created a social media program that enticed people to look at the menu, visit the restaurant and subsequently share their experience which generated repeat traffic. Similarly, we focused on a simple design and web presence that shared the restaurants inviting and casual feel while adding google maps with a dynamic interface to show potential customers how easy it is to get the restaurant.

Website Development