Hoyle, CPA, PLLC

This responsive web design was created for a local Henderson, NC CPA certified public accountant firm. They needed a great website to market their business online to attract new customers. This CPA web design was created to give an up-to-date look and feel. We developed a responsive website since most so many people are now searching for businesses on the internet. We set up a review page that pushes customers to leave a google review, then to other social media and finally to their website. We also created a special page to display their employee bios since managing photos and bios can be a challenge to make sure photos are the same size and the content looks consistent. We listed their affiliations at the bottom to show their CPA company is a trust-worthy firm.

Website Development

  • Basic SEO
  • Bootstrap
  • Custom Programming
  • Responsive Website
  • Reviews
  • Standard Security
  • Website Blog
  • WordPress
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