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Website development is a process to creating the perfect solution for your business. It involves a modern web design, creating the perfect user experience and unparalleled functionality to capture your company processes to create a seamless experience. All of the websites we develop are unique from the custom web design to functionality. 

Website development can include page animation... plus the pages load really fast!


Page Builder Technology

One of the biggest reasons we switched to page builder was for speed. We found we could cut the page load time in half by using a page builder. Google admits that page speed is a critical element in its page ranking algorithm. By developing your site with a page builder, your site will be super fast. This is because it uses the perfect code in the correct sequence without any hand coding errors. 

Most of our websites have a page load of under 3 seconds. Some of the latest studies show that if a page loads over a few seconds, your customers may leave your site before it even loads.

Another reason we use a page builder is that it gives us the freedom to be as creative as we want without having to worry about anything else. This also gives us more time to focus on your site structure to present your content in the best way possible.

Lastly, because a page builder is so robust with so many features, we can cut down on the number of plugins needed to add to your site. Our website development uses a very low number of plugins. The more plugins you add to your site, the slower your site becomes and the greater chance your site can break from an outdated plugin.3

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is a plugin that gives unlimited flexibility when developing your site. It allows custom sections to be built specifically to your needs.  It also allows for your site to dynamically change and populate. This helps decrease the number of updates you will have to perform on your site. You may be wondering what all of this means for your business. 

Let’s say you need a team page that shows images of your employees, title, contact info, and a bio. You could try to remember to always include each one of these input sections in the correct order. Or we can design custom fields so you can easily fill out each section. On the front end, we will create a template so your team pages always display the information in the correct order.

Another example might be a service or product page. You may have product numbers, descriptions, specs or more. Again, we can customize the back end for the person in charge of entering the products. On the front end, we can design it to display exactly how you want it presented.

Our Website Development Process

Our website development process is simple. We will sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need. After evaluating your needs and researching your competitors, we will make suggestions. We want to make your website easy for you to use and easy for your customers to use. This gives your customers a modern website experience that will keep them engaged and ready to do business.

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