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WordPress Website Design & Development

Project Details

We designed this website for Drew Heberer Family Dentistry, a local Raleigh dentist. He needed a fresh website look that was mobile friendly and responsive to attract new customers since they were taking over an existing practice. We created this web design to make it easy to feature new services on the front page at any time. We focused on mobile first and made their contact phone and address easy to use on a cell phone. The site is responsive which means that the site will look great on any device. It also passes Google’s Mobile Friendly test showing it’s easy to use on mobile devices.

Local SEO

We provided local SEO to make sure to get their website listed on the search engines. We also optimized their Google Places page, Google+ page, and Facebook pages.

Online Reputation

We set up a review page on their website to encourage customer reviews on Google. First of all, we customized the form to make it easy to write a Google review. But, if the customer does not want to write a review on Google, they can leave it on the website.

Page Speed

While this page did pass with all A’s, there are some issues. The main problem is that there is a 4.6 second load time from the hosting server.  This client should be using a managed WordPress hosting account like this one offered at Siteground. You can view the page speed report from GT Metrix. The website also scored an average rating on Google PageSpeed Insights desktop test. It scored 75% which shows falls within the average. Again, this is due to the host having a delay of 4.6 seconds before the host starts to show the site. Moving to a managed WordPress hosting account would have kept the page load to less than 2 seconds.

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