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google_analyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a very exciting tool with many options for gathering data about your website traffic clicks, patterns and customers.  It is currently the most widely used website statistics service for collecting information about your site.  Track landing pages to monitor offering special incentives or know the source of where people are finding your site. It’s great to use Google Analytics to monitor traffic from postcard mailings, social media or web site updates to see the how much traffic was driven to the web site.  Our clients are always excited to see the increase of clicks following a marketing campaign and increased sales!

Reaching the right people?

Google Analytics also demonstrates whether the web site is reaching your target audience.  For example, if there is a page that people do not visit or subsequently spend very limited time on, it tells us that the user is not engaged and changes should be made to the site.  Another great feature is the ability to see where visitors are geographically located.  This is on a city level so you could easily see if visitors are from Raleigh, NC or Atlanta, GA!

We use Google analytics on all of our website designs and create customized reports sent directly to you.  Our clients love this tool and we are excited to be able to give our clients such valuable information about their website.

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