Successful Slogans

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Successful Slogans

To put it simply, marketing is the process of trying to get a customer or client to choose your product or services over another. But what is it that makes us say, “Aha, I want that one!” Surprisingly enough, it is mostly emotions that drive us to make a decision. We’d like to think that reasoning was the important factor, but enough studies show results that to lead us to believe that we are swayed by things like surprise, rhymes, rhythms, and word twists on a common or well known saying.

Let’s take an example of a successful slogan:

Volkswagen’s “Think Small” slogan was surprising… A classic American phrase is “Think Big”, bringing to mind optimism, and the belief that in this country anything can be accomplished. Volkswagen turned this phrase upside down and turned their little Bug into a charming symbol of the underdog. This successful slogan helped turn the car company into an important contender in the American car market.

Rhyming is another way to catch our attention. Think of Bounty paper towels. Its slogan, “The quicker picker-upper” is cute, catchy and easy to remember.

So try to incorporate words to describe your business that will stay in the minds of your target market, and also uniquely identify your product or service and create your successful slogan.

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