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What Is Pay Per Click advertising​

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Pay per click advertising campaigns targets your ideal customers who are already searching for products or solutions that you offer with uniquely created ads that display on corresponding search results.

PPC is different than Local SEO where you are working towards obtaining organic, non-paid for traffic. With Pay Per Click advertising, you literally pay Google every time someone clicks your ad.

Benefits Of Re-marketing Ads

Remarketing ads are a form of pay per click advertising where ads are shown to visitors who have left your website and are on another site. Have you ever searched for an item and noticed that item mysteriously shows up on other web sites you are visiting?  That is a remarketing ad!

Remarketing ads are extremely successful because people need several reminders before they become engaged in making a decision or to simply move forward through the sales funnel.

Marketing Strategies

PPC marketing strategies can offer a high return on investment (ROI) when structured and monitored correctly.  Many companies find it is profitable to continually run these types of campaigns. Similarly, when combined with remarketing ads, this combination becomes very effective at helping move potential customers to customers.

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