Google Business Apps

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Google Business Apps

I know we’ve been talking a lot about Google lately.  Google has become such an intregal part of most of our lives and yet it continues since most business owners want to be at the top of Google’s search engine.  But what else does google offer to businesses?   They offer a suite of programs through Google Apps including: Google Business Email (online email using your own domain), Google Calendar (so your company can stay organized), Google Docs (so you don’t have to use Microsoft Office anymore), Google Drive (for online file storage and backup), and Google Sites (a secure intranet to keep your team organized and connected). You can choose three options for your membership:

  • $5 /user/month to have unlimited users with 25 gigs per inbox size.
  • Really upgrade for $10/user/month to archive emails, standard retention policies & e-discovery – Most will not need anything this advanced!

Over 5 million businesses and governments in over 45 states use Google Apps!  Take a look at the videos below that describe each Google App. You can set up your own account or let Redwood Productions do it for you! Contact us now to get Google Apps.

Google Email:

Access your inbox, sent & drafts from any device anywhere. It’s not only Gmail – it’s turbo charged Gmail! The best part is you can use your own domain name! Google also has extremely powerful spam filtering. Keep your contacts synced between your devices and contact them through voice, video chat, IM or email. Your email is available through any web browser, mobile phone, tablet & more. You can also integrate it with Microsoft Outlook if you still want that feature. Easily manage your inbox with labels (like folders), stars to indicate important messages, filters to control incoming email flow and priority inbox. Watch this great video that explains more…

Google Calendar:

Your company can use Google Calendar for one centralized place to show schedules, send invites and plan events. It works on all web enabled mobile devices and syncs between all your devices. You can even have reminders sent to you through text message or email. All your employees can stay in sync to be more productive at what they do best – their job! Also, you can share your calendar publicly or keep it private. Contact us now to get Google Apps.  Watch this great video that explains more…

Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations & Online Storage:

You don’t need Microsoft Office anymore with Google Apps. Supports .doc, .xls, .ppt,  .pdf and many more. Create, share and collaborate your documents, spreadsheets, presentations & web forms. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re on a PC or Mac. Easily share your documents with others –  This is amazing! Back up your important files through the online storage with Google Drive or sync your computers. Contact us now to get Google Apps.  Watch this great video that explains more…

Google Sites:

Keep your business information organized and in a central place on the cloud.

Here you can create an internal secure website for your company employees where you can store your company information including project plans, training videos, documents, company calendar & more. It’s always available from anywhere, including mobile devices. Contact us now to get Google Apps. Watch this great video that explains more…

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