FREE Money For AdWords

Last updated on March 21, 2019

FREE Money For AdWords

Want Free Adwords?

Google gives away free money with AdWords to its Google Partners. Since we have a partner account, we want to share these coupon specials with you.

What is AdWords? Why should you care?

Go to Google. Type in a search, like “classic men’s suits.” See those results at the top, highlighted in yellow? Notice the first few search results have the word “Ad” in front of the URL. Ads also appear at the bottom of the search results. Those are Ads, generated by companies who have paid to be associated with specific search terms.

It’s a Pay-Per-Click deal, where you’re not charged unless people are clicking on your Ad. You set the terms, the length of your campaign, and what keywords you “buy.”

You can increase your website traffic and visibility! Especially if you’re a retail business that’s trying to expand your geographic market or a consulting firm that would like to land bigger clients, you can really benefit from being a Sponsored Search Result on Google.

So start messaging us! Facebook us, send us a Tweet, or just contact us – and send you the latest promotion from Google.  Sometimes it’s a deal like…

You spend your first $100 and Google will pay the next $100.

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