Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Creating a digital marketing plan is the lifeline of your online strategy. It helps your brand reach the right customers at the right time. It keeps your customers engaged with your brand and builds brand loyalty.

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Email Marketing

The customer journey never ends and email marketing is a great way to engage and guide customers along their journey with your business. We create email marketing design templates to match your brand and voice.

Every business owner wants to stay in touch with their existing customers on a regular basis, but usually become obsessed with getting new customers instead of keeping the old. It seems like a shame since most customers are loyal and don’t need to be “sold” on your company or product. The good news is that you can set up email automation and stay in touch with your customers without extra work.

Email Drip Marketing​

As a savvy business owner, you’re likely already using email newsletters to communicate with clients. However, relying on newsletters alone creates a problem: all of your clients are sent the same emails regardless of their interests and history with your company. Drip marketing offers the perfect solution to this problem. This type of marketing sends targeted information to each of your customers based on what they truly need from your company.

First, we create lists of your clients based on their past experiences with the business; for instance, Redwood may have a listing for logo customers and one for website design customers. Once you create these specific customer lists, your drip campaign will send the emails we create in an automated series of targeted emails to each customer based on their interests. For example, we may send our website design customers an email about Google’s search engine algorithm updates, but we wouldn’t send that same email to our logo design customers.

Targeting is the key here: with a drip campaign, customers will always be interested in the emails you send them. Your open rates, response rates, click rates, and purchase rates will increase, and your customers will feel that you genuinely understand their needs.

Still not sure if your business needs this type of drip email marketing? Read on, and you may change your mind.

5 Reasons to Use Drip Marketing

  1. Relevant targeted emails produce 18 times more revenue than globally-broadcasted newsletters.
  2. Action-targeted emails turn 50% more leads into paying customers by giving them the information they need right when they need it.
  3. Drip campaigns are useful for many different purposes: welcoming new clients, rewarding loyal customers, abandoned shopping cart alerts, among other things.
  4. Relationships with clients are more easily nurtured by letting them get to know your company in small “drips” instead of turning them off with information overload.
  5. Automation means that you have more time and energy to devote to running your business!

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The internet is constantly evolving and making sure your website is evolving with it is not always an easy task. We implement proven techniques through SEO to bring more leads and more traffic to your site.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a technical tool used in digital marketing to increase your web site’s visibility on search rankings which in turn, drives more visitors to your web site.

SEO can be either on a national or local scale. Local SEO is usually the most needed service and is critically important to business who rely on local and regional traffic to generate most of their sales.

  • Good SEO practices result in higher search rankings which result in more clicks to your site
  • 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search. For many companies with websites on the second or subsequent pages, this can be really frustrating.

How SEO Works​

SEO works by strategically updating your website’s working files and site structure to make it easier for search engines, like Google, to find your web site on the internet.

With over 1 BILLION WEBSITES in use, companies that utilize good SEO practices help Google find the correct search result, quickly and efficiently in a sea of websites.

Google uses a secret algorithm to ensure their users get the right search result each time. Their algorithm changes frequently. As a result, SEO techniques and practices are also routinely changing. Working with a professional SEO team is critical to achieving the results you desire.

Think of SEO like a big flashing signal on the internet highway that says.. “Hey Google, what you want is over here…” . Google rewards web sites that are search engine optimized by giving them higher rankings on the search results page. SEO definitely benefits both Google and the website owner.

Local SEO utilizes all the above in addition to using special techniques for the local market.

  • Web site Optimize for better search engine placement
  • Keyword identification for improved search engine results
  • Local search engine listings
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Keyword optimized blogs
  • Pay For Click advertising using optimized keywords

Local SEO for local business​​

Local SEO is right for any local business wanting to attract more customers on the internet. Because Google’s algorithm is secret, no one can guarantee they can get you to the number 1 spot. Local SEO is a commitment that requires time and expertise. Local SEO results are usually seen over the course of 6-12 months. Each local SEO campaign is different so some will see results more quickly than others. For example, if you are in a very competitive industry, it may take more time to move up within Google rankings

One of the reasons that SEO takes time to see results is that in addition to the technical changes that are required and Google uptake, there is a considerable amount of effort that goes into the overall analysis, design, execution and review process.

Every site and every campaign is different. We start by performing an analysis of your site as well as your competitors’ sites to see what is working well for them as well as areas that are performing poorly in order to define the appropriate SEO strategy for your site.

Part of the analysis is also reviewing the optimal keyword strategy for your industry and /or products. This is a very important area to get right and it is always changing as some search phrases have become more import to overtime to Google and Bing

We’ll share the findings with you and recommend the next steps for the current SEO campaign as well as a long-term strategy.

Once we execute the campaign, you’ll be able to track how it is progressing, and we will make changes as needed to ensure you get the best possible ROI.

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