Jennifer Ray

Creative Director & Owner

About Redwood

When I started Redwood in 1999, I mainly worked with companies to brand their business through marketing & graphic design. In the early 2000’s, I started building websites and found that my design background helped me see things differently than other website developers. This difference gave me an advantage in creating incredible websites that are both beautiful and functional. Since a good website design is critical these days, the majority of my work is devoted to developing websites… though I still provide core design elements like logos, business cards and even brochures. This helps create a consistent brand that looks strong and well-established.

Over the years, I built and managed a team of designers and developers. We served different industries which gave us a wide range of experience. As team members moved to other cities or chose different paths, I realized my love for being the sole designer for my clients because it gave me total creative freedom.

I have a passion for crafting unique and inspiring work that focuses on a business’s goals and the customers they serve. To stay current with technology, I study modern designs and utilize the latest web strategies.

It is my goal to give customers the best solutions for their businesses.

When starting a business, there can be a lot of unique challenges to grow. I have the experience to help you through these challenges, whether you are an existing business or just starting out. 

Most Importantly...

I never outsource web design, web development, or branding. I do all the work in-house which allows me to have total quality control. By hiring Redwood, you are supporting your local Wake Forest & Raleigh communities and economies.

Redwood is a woman-owned business.

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