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General Career Information

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design. A graphic designer creates the graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising. Wikipedia
Median pay (annual)46,900 USD (2015)
Median pay (hourly)22.55 USD (2015)
Entry level educationBachelor’s degree
Number of jobs261,600 (2014)

Source: Wikipedia

Web Designer

A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.Wikipedia
Median pay (annual)64,970 USD (2015)
Median pay (hourly)31.23 USD (2015)
Entry level educationAssociate’s degree
Number of jobs148,500 (2014)
Source: Wikipedia