Business Card

The Most Important “Must-Have” Marketing Piece

Your business Card… it’s your must have marketing piece. It’s the single most important marketing piece you have.  With that being said… it has to be perfect.  Whatever you do, don’t print them yourself on your inkjet printer!!!  Also, don’t go online and use a pre-made template because it’s very obvious you did this.  It …

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Thank You Note

A Simple Thank You Note… Can mean big business

Writing a simple thank you note can go farther than you think. In fact, a hand written thank you note is one of the best ways to keep in contact with your customers.  Remind them about all the services/products that you offer or just send a note to say thank you for being a loyal …

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Social Media For Business

Social Media For Business – Is it right for me?

Social Media For Business gives all companies an equal voice on the web. The potential to promote your product or service with social media is enormous.  Think of it like this… if you are looking for information on a product or service, where do you go?  Google or another search engine?  If so, your business …

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