Automation Emails For Customers

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Automation Emails For Customers

Everyone wants to stay in touch with their existing customers on a regular basis, but we find ourselves focusing on the wrong objective. We seem to be obsessed with getting new customers instead of keeping the old. It seems like a shame since most of our customers are loyal and don’t need to be “sold” on your company or product. The good news is that you can set up email automation and have it stay in touch with your customers without extra work.

Email Automation Is Easy

You can easily set up a new account with MailChimp and use their email automation function.  Choose how many emails your customers should receive and the time intervals.  Try to think through how your customers think and what they would want to see from you after they receive your product or service. Set up the email series accordingly and start entering your customer information into a new list as you get them.  This series is called drip marketing. Let the automation begin without the extra time and effort. The most significant part is that you can customize these emails based on a category. If your company has many different services, try to put them in a category that will show them relevant information that is useful to them.  Think about it this way… If you own a pet grooming service and a customer had their dog groomed, they might not care to hear about information about cats.  Keep it relevant about dogs and other things that might interest a dog owner.

If you would like us to set up an automated system like this, contact us.

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