Business Attitude

Last updated on March 21, 2019

Business Attitude

When it comes to running your business – whether it’s sales, customer relationships, finding new staff, or business-to-business transactions – you’ve got to have the right personality. It’s all about the business attitude.

It’s a common misconception that all great businesspeople need to be ambitious, aggressive and fast-paced. There are certainly some industries that require those traits, but many other fields need someone who can be introspective and methodical.

There are four types of business personalities: the Thinker, the Socializer, the Relator, and the Director. See which one fits you best – knowing your sales/management personality will help you recognize your strengths and improve areas of weakness.

The Thinker Attitude

  • Analytical, persistent, orderly & scheduled
  • Slower-paced & task-oriented
  • Serious or reserved demeanor
  • Focuses on facts rather than feelings
  • Very disciplined when supervising (note: not a disciplinarian, but is very principaled)

The Socializer Attitude

  • Playful, sociable & animated
  • Fast-paced & relationship-oriented
  • Gestures frequently (“talks with her hands”)
  • When supervising people, does so in a personal manner (knows everyone’s first name, life outside work, gives tailored feedback)

The Relator Attitude

  • Adaptable, tolerant & diplomatic
  • Slower-paced & relationship-oriented
  • Less forceful when sharing opinions, making requests or giving directions
  • Speaks & moves at a slower, softer pace
  • Acts as a mediator or calming force in tense situations

The Director Attitude

  • Adventurous, persuasive, strong-willed & self-reliant
  • Fast-paced & relationship-oriented (like the Socializer)
  • Speaks louder & more intensely than most
  • Takes risks
  • Maintains consistent eye contact and values honesty

You might be straddling the fence between two of these types. That’s okay! Occasionally your professional life might call for you to be a Thinker with your coworkers and a Socializer with your clients. Don’t be afraid to adapt your business attitude to fit the current situation.

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