Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

No more mobile zooming…

Responsive Web DesignWe use WordPress and Bootstrap to create visually stunning responsive web design for our clients. This means each site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience for a wide range of devices. The different parts of the website don’t shrink down, they are re-arranged or hidden/replaced with other elements to optimize the user experience.  The fonts are easy to read on small devices like a cell phone without the need to zoom in and out.

Responsive Web Design Means Different devices get different layouts

We start with mobile first. Most searches start on a mobile device so it’s important to design for the mobile user. You will see different layouts for desktops, tablets and phones each re-sizing as needed to fill the screen with optimal viewing content. The greatest part about these sites is that Google loves them.  Google recognizes these sites as mobile ready and will rank your site accordingly.  Read this article for more details about Google and mobile ready sites.

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